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Why I sell Real Estate


“Oh, you sell real estate?” The question was asked at a noisy gathering geared for networking. I paused before answering.


His grip on the banister was stronger than it had been in a long time. Each step was a triumph. He hesitated as he approached the last step. His memory filled the spot with the image of a small boy, earnestly listening to the game on his transistor radio. He smiled at the image. That small boy had grown and was retired from work now. In the kitchen, he waited patiently.


Three years passed before they had asked me to list the home. The new family loved the original touches, like the hand-crafted banister and the patina of the maple stairs. New roofing and a coat of paint had really spruced it up. As I drove by, I noticed a small boy, tossing a ball in the air, perched on the porch's last step. 

“Yes. Yes, I sell real estate.”

Growing into the Right Work Space


Growing your business is difficult but satisfying work. Having the right space to support your efforts is crucial. It is the first thing that your clients experience and sets the tone for their expectations, comfort, and commitment to you. It is your opportunity to showcase who you are and the level of care that you invest in all that you do.

While functionality is the highest priority, you also need to LIKE the place where you spend so many hours each workday. Ideally, it should be a place that makes you smile. We all must work. Taking the time to adjust your personal work area for efficiency and even creating a peaceful atmosphere around yourself may seem like a time "filler" instead of a "moneymaking " activity. But think - how productive are you in chaos and confusion? If you feel like you are just perching in your space, do you truly feel connected and committed to what you are doing/ Clients can sense all of this even through phone calls and emails. Simply taking 15 minutes to spruce up your immediate area will definitely pay off in multiple ways.

This holds true on the macro scale as well. Is your office suited to your business activities today? Is it capable of growing with your company? How is the location? Set appointments with your financier, a building contractor or designer and a Realtor. They will come to you and help you to evaluate potential choices, usually at no charge. Knowledge is power, as they say. The basic step of gathering insights from these sources should encourage you. You may see your current space differently and discover ways to increase functionality, thus increasing your success potential. You may discover that it is time for a change and how to move with as little hassle as possible.

Change is a challenge. Always. Growth is good but can occasionally come with a bit of discomfort. If you feel challenged and uncomfortable, congratulations! You are quite possibly experiencing growth and headed for a new level of success! Take the time to secure the knowledge and information that you need. Your workspace, whether on the personal or office level, is a key component of success.

If you or someone you know is contemplating an office change, please consider giving me a call to see if I can assist you in finding the right place.



Petoskey Expectations


Petoskey, MI has long been famous for its "Million Dollar Sunsets" and resort living. Pages could be filled supporting these qualities!

Behind the sunsets, waterfront properties, ski resorts and boutique shopping is a community of people embracing the challenge of each day.

The Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce has won the Michigan Outstanding Chamber award for three years in a row. They are pushing the boundaries of how a Chamber is defined by focusing on ways to not only promote business but to teach and to train those businesses for success. They have partnered with other Chambers for political impact and to leverage the strengths of all into a superior support network for the community.

Community is also being built by the amazing support given in multiple ways to local charities like The Nehemiah Project and the Pregnancy Care Center. Individuals and families in crisis find themselves embraced by Petoskey.

Petoskey is a small town, a jewel on the shores of Lake Michigan's Little Traverse Bay, with roots firmly planted in the idea of loving your neighbor as yourself.

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